Perfectly Mixed

BWWM Novel

By Ancelli

What would you do if you find out that the baby you’re pregnant with might not be yours?

Kanielle Richardson is the perfect wife in everyone’s eyes, except her husband Robert’s. His desire to please his family comes before her. After years of refusing his wife a child, Robert is ready to have a baby to satisfy his family. Their relationship suffered a few bumps along the way causing pain and suffering. Is Kanielle willing to forgive and forget?

Brandon and Maggie Stokes seemed to be the perfect couple. They yearned to have a baby, sealing their happiness. Their relationship took a downfall because of their infertility issues. Brandon always putting his wife first, sacrificing his happiness for hers, will a baby give them their happy ever after?

Four lives entangled in one mistake, making one Perfectly Mixed baby.

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