Baby of Another Man Collection: BWWM Pregnancy Romance Box Set

B01ANBJZWY.01.LZZZZZZZLove BWWM Stories With a Pregnancy and HEA

This interracial pregnancy romance collection contains the following works:

  • Baby Boss
  • Baby of Another Man
  • Her Baby Mercedes
  • Billionaire Baby Benefits
  • BWWM Billionaire Doctor Pregnancy
  • Chicago Loving
  • Unexpected Family Life
  • Secret Billionaire and Accidental Pregnancy
  • King of the Streets

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Baby in the Military


When I found out that Aaliyah was pregnant with my baby, I knew that there was only one thing I wanted: the baby — MY baby that she’s carrying. I’ll be damned if she thinks I’ll have anything but that. She might not realize it now, but we’re going to be one big happy family.


I know that he wants me to keep this baby, but there’s no way I’ll be the laughing stock of the town. I have no intention of being a single mom while he’s hundreds of miles away. He can’t control me. I’m stronger than that…until he comes back home. When he’s in town, I’m willing to do almost anything he wants. How does a girl say no to the hometown hero? The man who every woman idolizes, the one who’s mine.

Baby in the Military is a full-length BWWM romance novel. It contains no cheating and no cliffhangers. Happily ever after? You’ll have to read to find out!

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The Nurse and the Billionaire: BWWM Interracial Romance

“I love you, Camella. More than anything in the world.”

Billionaire Tony Stone hires Camella Green—a highly regarded hospice RN—to take care of his dying wife. After working closely beside him, she starts becoming attracted to the rich, soon-to-be widower. Not long after she accepts the job, she learns some of the billionaire’s darkest secrets – making it al-most impossible to work for him. When his wife dies, she thinks it’s finally over and she can move on, but Tony shows her she is very wrong.

Camella must decide if the handsome billionaire is worth crossing professional lines for pleasure. Can she maintain the successful image of herself that she’s worked so hard to build over the years? When she learns about the crazy scheme Tony pulls, all bets are off. He will cross the oceans to show her that he’s worth the trouble, but it might not be enough. He’ll have to prove his worth—and love—to her if he ever hopes to have a chance at romance again.

Will their blended family survive?

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Homeless: BWWM Inspirational Romance

B01AECG1H4.01.LZZZZZZZDanger on the Streets, Passion Between the Sheets

They Come from Different Worlds …

James Johnson is a rough and rugged white man back from two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he finds himself homeless in Seattle. He meets Sierra Davis, a gorgeous, college senior who devotes her spare time to helping the homeless when she’s not busy partying. Determined to spend more time with her, he hides the fact he is homelessness as they grow closer together.

When his secret is revealed, they are both stunned by an even more shocking realization and a surprising betrayal. The young, pampered, rich woman learns what it truly means to be homeless. When her life is put in danger, James risks everything to save her. Can they learn to find in each other what they so desperately need to survive? Is home truly where the heart is?

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Swirl Forever: BWWM Pregnancy Romance Box Set

B01A1KN5XC.01.LZZZZZZZDominant White Men + Sexy, Intelligent Black Women = Fire

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This definitive collection of the BWWM romance works by Tamara Black will satisfy you in all sorts of way. Each story concentrates on story and steam with characters you can really care about and connect with on a personal level.

This special BWWM box set contains:

Teaching the Billionaire
Black Friday
Snowed in With the Ranger
Divorced in Vegas
Chicago Loving
Kiss for Christmas
Another Man’s Lost Baby
Unexpected Family Life
Time for Loving
Love for Chocolate
Bahamas Love
Billionaire Baby Benefits
Secret Billionaire and Accidental Pregnancy
King of the Streets
Her Baby Mercedes

There is something for everyone in this truly massive BWWM Box Set by Tamara Black.


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