Delivery: BWWM Pregnancy Romance

B01BPH9J0I.01.LZZZZZZZHe’s late delivering her pizza, but just on time to deliver her baby!


Nine months pregnant, recently widowed, and craving a double mushroom and extra sauce pizza. If that’s not bad enough, a handsome med-student who is late delivering my favorite comfort food finally arrives just as my water breaks. Not the beginning of your usual love story, I know.

There’s something about Daniel, though. He’s white and privileged, a thousand miles from my world. After he delivers my baby, we start to spend time together. After the baby’s father died in Afghanistan, I told myself I’d never love again, but Daniel is just so sexy and sweet. I can’t resist him…


I never would have dreamed that delivering pizza would drop the world’s most perfect woman in my path. Working my side job brought me and Stephanie together, but then she went into labor in my arms. As a first year med-student, my medical knowledge really saved the day. She’s a gorgeous dark-skinned princess, so different from every other woman I’ve ever met…

Over time, checking up on her turns into more. She’s all alone in the world, a beautiful grieving widow with a gorgeous new son. Our bond turns passionate and hot, and I know I need to find a way to make Stephanie mine. She might drive me nuts sometimes, but I’ve fallen hard for her and Danny, her new baby. Yeah, she named him after me.

Am I strong enough to heal Stephanie, body and soul, so that I can make her mine forever?

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What is Your Favorite Interracial Romance Books Blog?

What are the qualities of a great interracial romance books blog or website? Let’s take a look!

Do you have a favorite interracial romance books blog? We’d love to hear about it. By looking at the ones you love and hold dear, the team here at BWWM Romance Books hopes to make this website even better. While IR isn’t a huge genre in romance, it’s getting bigger all the time.

Thanks to the internet – especially sites like Facebook and Twitter – people with similar interests are able to come together around common topics. And that, in our opinion, is what makes a great interracial romance books blog. Do you agree or disagree?

Sexy business guy

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Sweet Serenity: A Multicultural Love Saga

B019KU39XU.01.LZZZZZZZValentine’s Day will bring about change in more ways than one for Serenity Champagne, a woman who is known to overindulge in delectable treats. She now has an appetite for not only one, but two, delicious vanilla lattes. Serenity’s sweetest fantasies threaten to end her year of celibacy. She is doing everything she can to be strong, but when she gets a taste of Jonathan Sheldon her resolve is undone.

Jonathan, Jon for short, is a tall, malted milkshake that stands roughly six foot three inches tall. He’s handsome with close-cropped, silky, wavy hair and his skin tone is the color of pale butternut squash. He has the type of hair that makes Serenity crave to run her fingers through each and every strand. He has his eye on the sweet temptress, vowing to own her in every way.

But Jon is not the only one that has his sights on this sexy vixen…

Meet Jason…Jonathan’s identical twin brother. Jason is six foot three inches tall and his features resemble his brother’s in every way, with the exception that Jason sports long, golden dreadlocks. His eyes are deadlocked on Serenity’s entrancing beauty and he wants her for himself. He is a playboy, unlike Jonathan, but he wants what he wants.

Serenity fantasizes about being the meat between the sexy, biracial twins. Will she choose one brother to love and live in happiness or will her overindulgence of decadent desserts cause her to satisfy her sweet tooth with both pieces of vanilla chocolate at once?

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Interracial Romance Authors List

BWWM romance authorsIt can be difficult to find a great BWWM novel these days. While more are available thanks to sites like Amazon, it’s tough to separate the good ones from the bad ones. To help, we’ve put together an interracial romance authors list for you.

Once you find an interracial romance author you enjoy, it’s easier to know what kind of quality you are going to get with the book. Additionally, some authors might be known for their humor while others might be remembered more for the steamy scenes they write.

No matter what type of BWWM romance books you enjoy, we have you covered with our special list of some of the best IR writers.

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