Road Trippin’: BWWM Romance Novel

b01eobo2mc-01-lzzzzzzzThey say you can learn a lot about a person on a road trip…

Tia, a smart and sassy high school history teacher on summer break, is on a mission – bring Nana Walker some medicinal marijuana hemp oil from Colorado. She hires someone to make the trip to Cleveland with her, but from the moment they meet, sparks fly.

Rocky is a hot medicinal marijuana smuggler who is rough around the edges. He skirts the law to help people across the country. With a full waiting list of clients, he only agrees to help Tia as a favor to her cousin. Once he’s on the road with her, all hell breaks loose around them.

From a medical emergency in Chicago to a wide cast of crazy characters who keep popping up, Road Trippin’ will have you unable to stop turning pages. Rocky’s career and lifestyle choices catch up to him in the end. The question is whether or not Tia will be able to accept him mind, body, and soul.

Can these two last from Colorado to Cleveland in a shiny black 1972 Mustang Fastback?

The Challenge: A BWWM Second Chance Romance

b01lxr506i-01-lzzzzzzzCan true love really conquer all?

Yolanda always knew that Mike was the right man for her but after eleven years of marriage, she begins to wonder when she stopped being “good enough”. Her desire to have a career as a nurse and a life outside of their home might be the chaos that rips their marriage apart.

As the couple steers down a slippery slope toward divorce, Mike’s brother puts him up to a test knowing that Mike won’t back down from a challenge. But nobody realizes that this will be the ultimate challenge that changes their lives forever.

Mike begins to discover things about his marriage that Yolanda knew all along, but will he be able to make the changes that he needs in time or will he lose her forever?

BWWM Movies: What is Your Favorite?

B00NFJZXFK.01.LZZZZZZZYes, we’re going to talk about BWWM movies again. We’ve already done a blog post on the best BWWM movies of all time, so we’re going to look at something different.

This time, we’re delving into what we like about our favorite movies featuring BWWM couples. At the end, we’re going to ask for your opinion and invite you to leave a comment.

For now, let’s dig into this topic.

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