Best BWWM Pregnancy Romance in 2016

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Which is the Best BWWM Pregnancy Romance in 2016?

BWWM Baby Romance eBooks 2016

Here are the results of the voting so far!

  1. 1. When He Comes Back Around by Mary Peart

    When Jewel and Jordan were 15, they were high school sweethearts. Jewel was certain she had met the boy of her dreams, until he unexpectedly moved away to Europe and left her broken-hearted. Fast forward into adulthood, and Jewel is happily content with how her life is going. That is, until she discovers Jordan has … Read more

  2. 2. The Baby is Mine by Vivian Ward

    Dealing with you isn’t easy, Blake Adams! You’re a pain! If it weren’t for the money, I would’ve never agreed to do this, especially not with you! Blake: The only thing that mattered to me was having the baby that my late wife and I could never have. I shouldn’t have let the surrogate agency … Read more

  3. 3. Accept My Baby by J A Fielding

    Travel journalist Amanda Pearson feels she’s cruising through life… Until she catches her boyfriend of 10 years in bed with another woman! Deciding to escape familiar surroundings, she books a work assignment abroad in Italy. There she meets Rafael Imperioli, a highly eligible billionaire who becomes quite taken with her. But even though she begins … Read more

  4. 4. The Baby Arrangement by Tasha Blue

    Angela has been best friends with Jacob ever since they were children and she would normally be willing to do anything for him but she never expected she would end up doing this… After failing at finding love, Jacob knew he wanted to father a child. However, his plans to adopt a baby failed as … Read more

  5. 5. Son of a Preacher by Tamara Black

    While researching a story that will make or break her career, she finds the man who can change her life forever – the Son of a Preacher I never thought I’d have to choose between Truth and Love… until I met Austin Jones. See, I’m a reporter, and I get a big assignment to investigate … Read more

  6. 6. The Best Man’s Baby by Tasha Blue

    It was meant to be one hot steamy night but it became much, much more… Carla has focused all her adult life on her career rather then relationships and it is not something she usually regrets. However, now she is maid of honor at her best friends wedding and she is beginning to wonder when … Read more

  7. 7. Delivery by Tamara Black

    He’s late delivering her pizza, but just on time to deliver her baby! Stephanie Nine months pregnant, recently widowed, and craving a double mushroom and extra sauce pizza. If that’s not bad enough, a handsome med-student who is late delivering my favorite comfort food finally arrives just as my water breaks. Not the beginning of … Read more

  8. 8. Baby Number Two by Nina Ford

    Silas Sullivan is a privileged college football star with the world at his feet. When one of his more misogynistic teammates dumps his fiancée, the ever-studious Joy Price, for a girl he just met, Silas finds himself in the unexpected position to lend her comfort. Over the course of one spring break, Silas and Joy … Read more