Hot New BWWM Pregnancy Romance eBooks to One-Click at Amazon

Do you enjoy a steamy BWWM Pregnancy Romance? You’re not alone. They’re popular with the team here at BWWM Romance Books as well as a lot of our fans and followers. This is why we’ve put together a short list of some of the hottest new interracial pregnancy romance books with a black African-American woman and a white man.


Best New BWWM Pregnancy Romance Books

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the hottest new IR books including a pregnancy and/or baby!

Delivery by Tamara Black

He’s late delivering her pizza, but just on time to deliver her baby!


Nine months pregnant, recently widowed, and craving a double mushroom and extra sauce pizza. If that’s not bad enough, a handsome med-student who is late delivering my favorite comfort food finally arrives just as my water breaks. Not the beginning of your usual love story, I know.

There’s something about Daniel, though. He’s white and privileged, a thousand miles from my world. After he delivers my baby, we start to spend time together. After the baby’s father died in Afghanistan, I told myself I’d never love again, but Daniel is just so sexy and sweet. I can’t resist him…


I never would have dreamed that delivering pizza would drop the world’s most perfect womanin my path. Working my side job brought me and Stephanie together, but then she went into labor in my arms. As a first year med-student, my medical knowledge really saved the day. She’s a gorgeous dark-skinned princess, so different from every other woman I’ve ever met…

Over time, checking up on her turns into more. She’s all alone in the world, a beautiful grieving widow with a gorgeous new son. Our bond turns passionate and hot, and I know I need to find a way to make Stephanie mine. She might drive me nuts sometimes, but I’ve fallen hard for her and Danny, her new baby. Yeah, she named him after me.

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One Billionaire Cowboy, One Baby

When vet Naomi Kaye gets a job on a local farm, she expects it to be just another ‘day at the office’.

What she finds instead is a ranch run by Jack, a handsome and very, very rich cowboy.

Jack recently sold his business for a lot of money in order to concentrate on his passion: farming full time.

The only thing missing in his life?

A loyal and caring woman to share his down time with.

Will Naomi be that caring and hard working soul he’s looking for?

And when she gets pregnant with Jack’s child, will they be able to overcome the forces trying to split the two apart?

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Rock-A-Bye Baby

I’ll spend every day of the rest of my life trying to win her love back.


I’ve always tried to do the right thing for Trinity and our family, but the one thing I didn’t do was protect her. I know I’ve said I would stop going on the road before, and thought I meant it, but the fame always pulls me away. Now I will have to prove to her – and myself – that I can be the family man that she needs. If I can’t keep my promise to her, I’ll go on the road for good.


Ever since Corbin made it in the rap industry, he has cared more about fame than his family. Now, because of him, our baby might not live, and I may never walk again – all because one night put our entire family in jeopardy. He says he’ll stop touring to focus on our family, but I don’t believe him. I’ve heard it before. Can he change for good or are we destined to be apart?

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Other Interracial Baby Pregnancy Books?

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