Interracial Romance Authors List

BWWM romance authorsIt can be difficult to find a great BWWM novel these days. While more are available thanks to sites like Amazon, it’s tough to separate the good ones from the bad ones. To help, we’ve put together an interracial romance authors list for you.

Once you find an interracial romance author you enjoy, it’s easier to know what kind of quality you are going to get with the book. Additionally, some authors might be known for their humor while others might be remembered more for the steamy scenes they write.

No matter what type of BWWM romance books you enjoy, we have you covered with our special list of some of the best IR writers.

Interracial Romance Authors List

Here is a short list of some of our favorite BWWM romance authors.

  • Tamara Black – When it comes to interracial romance, Tamara Black is usually all over the map, but her stories tend to concentrate on characters, story, suspense and just the right amount of steamy scenes.
  • Mandi Moane – Mandi Moane loves words; the way they sound and the way they look on paper. Primarily a poet, she has started stitching several steamy romance stories together. Yes, Mandi was teased about her name growing up and in college. It’s not pronounced like you might think. It’s Mo-Anne. Thanks.
  • Vivian Ward – Vivian Ward was born in Brooklyn, New York but now lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Growing up the daughter of a single mother, her life was a struggle from day to day. As an adult, her passion for writing never went away. She writes a lot of BWWM pregnancy romance and BWWM military romance.
  • Imani King – Indie author Imani King is a small town girl with a big imagination. She nurtures a passion for yoga and can often be found in the studio when she’s not writing. In her fantasies, she and her billionaire Mr. Right travel the world, exploring different cultures (and each other!). These daydreams are the inspiration for her sizzling stories, so what are you waiting for? Give one of them a try, and let her know what you think.
  • Mia Caldwell – Author Mia Caldwell has been fantasizing about stories of “Happily-Ever-After” since she was a little girl, and now that she’s all grown up her “Happily-Ever-After” stories have taken a steamier turn! After graduating from college Mia still wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do with her life. Bored with her day job as an Administrative Assistant for a non-profit, she started writing stories on the side and sharing them with her friends. They gave her the push she needed to share them with you!
  • Cher Etan – She is a long term writer who has largely written in another style of romance under a pen name. Ever since I stumbled upon this black woman white man style of books however, that’s all I’ve wanted to write. And now I am.
  • Theresa Hodge – Theresa Hodge is an Alabama native – loving mother, wife, sister, aunt and friend. She is at her best when she is able to bring happiness to others. This author loves to read almost as much as she loves to write fictional stories. She finds writing to be therapeutic at times, especially during the loss of her oldest sister from breast cancer, which birthed her “Ask Me Again” Series. This was her first but this compilation led to her writing several other books. Additionally, Theresa has a love affair with poetry. She began writing poetry at an early age and it served as a catalyst for her growth as a writer.

Interracial Romance Authors List

Other BWWM Romance Authors?

If we forgot your favorite interracial romance writer, we’re sorry! Please leave a comment below and let us know who you enjoy when it comes to BWWM romance books. We love to hear from all our readers whether it’s here on the website or over at our Facebook page, which is continuing to grow.