The Nurse and the Billionaire: BWWM Interracial Romance

“I love you, Camella. More than anything in the world.”

Billionaire Tony Stone hires Camella Green—a highly regarded hospice RN—to take care of his dying wife. After working closely beside him, she starts becoming attracted to the rich, soon-to-be widower. Not long after she accepts the job, she learns some of the billionaire’s darkest secrets – making it al-most impossible to work for him. When his wife dies, she thinks it’s finally over and she can move on, but Tony shows her she is very wrong.

Camella must decide if the handsome billionaire is worth crossing professional lines for pleasure. Can she maintain the successful image of herself that she’s worked so hard to build over the years? When she learns about the crazy scheme Tony pulls, all bets are off. He will cross the oceans to show her that he’s worth the trouble, but it might not be enough. He’ll have to prove his worth—and love—to her if he ever hopes to have a chance at romance again.

Will their blended family survive?

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