Office Secrets: BWWM Pregnancy Romance

B01C960NQ8.01.LZZZZZZZWhat happens when you fall in love with the man trying to ruin the business you’ve built from the ground up?

Camilla “Cami” Graham

At the age of 28 years old, I’ve accomplished most of my goals in life. I own my own business (a popular music website), my house in Rocky River is paid for completely, and I drive a dark green BMW 5 Series to the office every morning. Ten other people depend on me for their livelihood. I act like a Boss because I am one.

The only thing I’ve not found is a man worth my time. Well, until Cameron sits down in my office. By the time I find out he’s trying to actively ruin my company, I’ve developed feelings for him. Deep ones. I don’t have time for a relationship with someone as complicated as him, but I can’t seem to resist him.

Cameron “Cam” Slavinsky

After I hacked the wrong man’s servers and ended up on a mission to destroy Camilla’s business in order to protect my sister who needed my help, I find myself falling for her. Black, beautiful, smart, funny – she is the whole package and more. She comes from a privileged background, so unlike me, but I think we have something special.

How am I supposed to choose between my own flesh and blood and this smart, sassy and sexy businesswoman I’ve come to know? My life is falling apart around me as I make one bad decision after another, but time and time again, Cami is there for me. Will she stand by my side when I make the biggest mistake of my life?

This is a full-length STANDALONE BWWM office pregnancy romance novel, equal parts sexy and sweet. Guaranteed happily ever after (HEA) ending, and absolutely no cliffhanger – 100% satisfying interracial romance book.

The Cleveland Interracial Baby Romance Series is a set of individual, standalone titles that all take place in Cleveland and involve a pregnancy in one form or another. Contains a FREE bonus novel. Look inside for details.

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Delivery: BWWM Pregnancy Romance

B01BPH9J0I.01.LZZZZZZZHe’s late delivering her pizza, but just on time to deliver her baby!


Nine months pregnant, recently widowed, and craving a double mushroom and extra sauce pizza. If that’s not bad enough, a handsome med-student who is late delivering my favorite comfort food finally arrives just as my water breaks. Not the beginning of your usual love story, I know.

There’s something about Daniel, though. He’s white and privileged, a thousand miles from my world. After he delivers my baby, we start to spend time together. After the baby’s father died in Afghanistan, I told myself I’d never love again, but Daniel is just so sexy and sweet. I can’t resist him…


I never would have dreamed that delivering pizza would drop the world’s most perfect woman in my path. Working my side job brought me and Stephanie together, but then she went into labor in my arms. As a first year med-student, my medical knowledge really saved the day. She’s a gorgeous dark-skinned princess, so different from every other woman I’ve ever met…

Over time, checking up on her turns into more. She’s all alone in the world, a beautiful grieving widow with a gorgeous new son. Our bond turns passionate and hot, and I know I need to find a way to make Stephanie mine. She might drive me nuts sometimes, but I’ve fallen hard for her and Danny, her new baby. Yeah, she named him after me.

Am I strong enough to heal Stephanie, body and soul, so that I can make her mine forever?

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